Vehicle electrification

A key target of the project is to gradually replace the existing fleet of combustion vehicles with electric vehicles: from micromobility to passenger cars to utility and light commercial vehicles.

In total, around 1,500 combustion vehicles will be replaced with about 1,000 electric cars and for that purpose a total of 60 publicly accessible charging points will be installed on the island. Replacing vehicles for public services such as the Police, Port Police, Municipality and Civil Aviation, is also part of the plan.

E-astypalea subsidy program

Ε-Astypalea is a subsidy program that promotes the complete electrification of the island’s privately owned fleet by replacing the existing conventional vehicles with e-vehicles.

Making electric vehicles an attractive choice for the inhabitants and the business owners of Astypalea is the key goal of the program. The program also aims to promote the installation of smart chargers at private residences and workplaces, and to support the scrappage of old vehicles.