Smart mobility

At present, the northern and southern parts of the island are not accessible via public transport. The existing limited public transport does not run at night, and the car rental business is only run in the summer.

As a result, residents have to rely almost exclusively on their own private vehicles. The intended implementation of new innovative mobility services such as ridesharing and stationary vehicle sharing, is therefore one of the key project goals.

Firstly, traditional public bus transportation will be transformed into a ridesharing service that will deploy 100% electric on‑demand shuttles. These e-shuttles will be operated all over the island according to the needs of both locals and visitors flexibly. For the first time, the entire island shall become accessible by public transport to everyone, day and night. 

Secondly, part of the current seasonal car rental business will change and become a flexible year-round stationary vehicle sharing business. This will be operated with local partners throughout the whole year on the island, making it possible for locals and visitors to have access to mobility and vehicles at any time. For the first time, an alternative to owning a private vehicle will be offered: electric cars, bikes and scooters will be available at various stations across the entire island.

Thanks to smart on-demand mobility, access to all kinds of mobility services at any time will be made possible: from the daily ride to work or school to family outings, shopping trips, and evenings out at restaurants and bars. Tourists will be able to discover the island on demand and commute back to their hotel at night safely and flexibly. Bookings will be simple and quick via a mobility app.

At the same time, the local carbon emission footprint and overall quality of life will improve substantially. The island will become even more attractive as a location where sustainability is real, and demanding environmentally-conscious tourists will endorse it.